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Keeping your car clean should be a priority, not only because it would make a good impression but to feel more comfortable behind the wheel. Eliminate car stains like a pro with these tips by in Turtletown.

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If you stumbled upon this post, you likely spend many hours in your vehicle trying to get from point A to point B. Hence, you must know how much mess and clutter can come with that much time spent inside a car. The truth is that no driver is exempt from accidents and spillages, no matter how punctual and detailed the car's upkeep is. Usually, motorists take the most care of their brand-new car until the hype for it fades away. That being said, it's good to have you here! Doing your research is a significant first step to improving car maintenance.

Prioritize Periodical Checkups

These blots need to be treated right away if you want to eliminate car stains like a pro. Though most drivers do their best to keep their vehicles clean, life happens, and some will often overlook this habit. Thus, to tackle stains on time, you must avoid leaving your car unattended for long periods. Cleaning tasks will be more challenging if the stains seep into the material. Take the time to inspect your vehicle every week or every quarter to detect stains before they set on the surface and upgrade your vehicle's image.

How to Clean a Car Dashboard

The dashboard is exposed to dirt and dust components. So, if you can only focus on keeping a segment neat at a time, start with this section. At least give it a try for sanitation purposes, and start working your way around other areas in the cabin.

Before You Start

It's best to think twice when using excessive water or other liquids to clean the car's dashboard. You won't want these fluids to penetrate the cracks and affect the indicators! But, if that happens, there's no other option but to pay extra to repair them. If you have a kid, you've likely had your youngster scuffing the car's dashboard either on purpose or by accident. If so, you have to do the following:
  • First, use a cleaning cloth to eliminate car stains like a pro. If you have cotton at hand, it's even better! Swipe the dust and focus on the blots and traces that are easy to remove.
  • The liquid to clean glasses works very well to remove scratches. Use it to get rid of crayon stains or other colorful residues. Apply the liquid and cover the entire board with it. Then, with a second cloth, rub the surface in circular movements to wipe the porous areas.
  • Any cleaning liquid should work. Just try to ensure it's not abrasive. Otherwise, it will leave an ashy appearance on the board.
  • Sun protection is fundamental for the dashboard. Many liquids shield your car from the sun's effects, and the process of applying them won't vary.
  • Finally, you can use car wax to shine the car. Spray the wax on the board and, with a third cloth, buff until you get the shine you want.

Dealing with Candy Stains

For chocolate, sweets, and other stubborn stains, use a stronger and non-corrosive formula. Apply it with a cloth in small amounts. Then, rub the surface and then dry the area thoroughly.

Greasy Stains

For sticky or oily stains, such as makeup or food, you can use warm water mixed with soap and a toothbrush to scrub. This is a worst-case scenario. Still, if the stains persist, it may be time to think about using dashboard paint to cover things up.

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Clean Car Seats

The car seat upkeep is super delicate. It's better to leave this area in the hands of professionals. But suppose you have spilled a drink on the seat or carpet, and you don't know what to do. In that case, opt for absorbent paper towels. Start carrying these in the car to keep the stain from growing, and book an appointment to have them cleaned by pros.

General Seat Cleaning

Do monthly checkups to look for small objects that a car vacuum cleaner could swallow; you'll need it. Beware of coins, keys, small toys, or tiny things. Use the vacuum in all the seat areas but focus on the seams' joints. Why? You may wonder. Well, to answer that question shortly, these conjunctures collect dust and dirt. To simplify this process, you can use the narrow tip to reach more challenging areas.

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