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Keeping your motorcycle rust-free after the wet season can be difficult. Thus, Best-Synthetic-Oils.Com in Turtletown has come up with a few suggestions to protect your motorcycle's screws and other areas from rust.

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Protect Your Motorcycle's Screws and Bolts

Nothing is worse than dealing with a motorcycle that's falling apart in the middle of the road. Yes, that can happen to you, and it's as dangerous as it sounds. So, to prevent this scenario, you must take care of what holds your motorcycle together: the bolts plus other elements. Everything will be fine if you ensure these pieces are secured and in good condition. Usually, all the screws in a motorcycle are made of stainless steel. However, not many know this material tends to rust and deteriorate despite its name. Stainless steel can break, add to, or remove the bike's normal structural strength. In extreme cases, they could delay the vehicle's maintenance by not being able to dismantle some components due to rust. That's why you must do everything you can to protect your motorcycle's screws.

All Motorcycle Screws Are Exposed to Rust

These metallic pieces can rust at some point. For example, suppose water gets in and gets caught in some seal between a bolt and a nut. This will lead to oxygen and heat accelerating the rusting process so preventing that chemical change altogether is imperative to extend your bike's life. There's a little plastic cap that covers many bolts for protection, and you can replicate this effect by spraying plastidip in case these metallic pieces are broken, come off, or if your bike never had these caps in the first place. Just spray the product around the screw heads. However, this won't work if they already have moisture or rust.

How to Prevent Rust on Screws?

First, ensure that the screws are free of any contaminants and moisture. To do this, take a napkin soaked with loosener, rub it on all surfaces, and ensure only a light layer of multi-purpose lubricant is left on the bolt. Overusing this product can be counterproductive and prevent the bolts from tightening with the required force. Once that's done, ensure they are tightened correctly. Then, see if any bolts you have never moved or require a lot of force to do so; you can use sealing products for screw threads to keep the space between these lines closed, waterproof, and well tightened.

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Washing Your Motorcycle

Believe it or not, washing the motorcycle is another way to protect your motorcycle's screws and bolts. Naturally, the motorcycle engine holds the most heat; therefore, the screws in that area rust faster. An engine washer will help repel damaging contaminants in the bolts and keep the area clean to maintain rust-free. Metal becomes porous when it oxidizes, this marks the start of the corrosion process, and later on, the pieces become susceptible to cracks. You don't want this to happen to your bike, so bolts should be part of your bike's maintenance routine.

Preventing Rust in Your Motorcycle's Transmission

Don't let rust destroy your motorcycle's transmission! Motorcycles are an indispensable tool for the mobility of businesses and people. Therefore, it's necessary to make its maintenance a regular chore. This way, it won't present problems in the long run. The motorcycle's transmission is the second most crucial element after the engine. With proper care, it can be one of the most durable motorcycle elements, but otherwise, it will give you a lot of trouble if you neglect it. Please don't ignore the importance of routine checks and maintenance services on the motorcycle's transmission. Make sure these revisions start from the outside in and proceed with the chain or the band. In the case of motorcycles with a differential mechanism, the shaft and differential are typically sealed. You only have to maintain the interior using a high-resistance product.

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